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Unformatted text preview: ipment) are usually longterm assets. Short-term assets Cash, securities, bank accounts, accounts receivable, inventory, business equipment, assets that last less than five years or are depreciated over terms of less than five years. Short-term debt Debt, on terms of less than five years, e.g. credit cards. Short-term liabilities Debts; money that must be paid. Usually debt on terms of less than five years. Short-term notes These are the same as short-term loans. These are debts with terms of five years or less. Starting date The starting date for the entire business plan. T Tax rate percent An assumed percentage applied against pre-tax income to determine taxes. Taxes incurred Taxes owed but not yet paid. U Unit variable cost The specific labor and materials associated with a single unit of goods sold. Does not include general overhead. Units break-even The unit sales volume at which the fixed and variable costs are exactly equal to sales. The formula is: UBE=Fixed_costs/(Unit_Price-Unit_Variable_Cost) INDEX A Accounts Payable Defined 16.11 Example 14.6 Payment Detail 16.6 Accounts payable (definition) G.1 Accounts Payable Turnover Ratios 17.5 Accounts Receivable Defined 16.10 Example 14.6 Receivables Detail 16.3 Accounts receivable (definition) G.1 Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratios 17.5 Accumulated depreciation (definition) G.1 Acid Test, Ratios 17.6 Acid test (definition) G.1 Activity Ratios 17.4 Adjusting, Sales Plan 20.4 Analysis, Variance 20.6 Angel Investors 22.2 Assets Start-up 6.6 Assets (definition) G.1 Assets to Sales Ratios 17.6 Assets vs. Expenses 14.3 Asset Turnover, Ratios 17.5 Asset turnover (definition) G.1 Average per-unit cost Break-even Analysis 3.4 Average per-unit sales Break-even Analysis 3.4 B Balance Sheet Defined 17.1 Link to Cash Flow 16.10 Table 17.2 Banks 22.3 Plan for 22.5 Baseline Numbers Ongoing Companies 6.3 Start-up Companies 6.5 Bottom Line 15.1 Break-even Analysis Average per-unit cost 3.4 Average per-unit sales 3.4 Chart 3.5 Defined 17.6 Ta...
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