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Unformatted text preview: Managing Growth 5.1 Marketing Strategy 18.2 Value-based 18.4 Market Analysis Chart 12.1 Fresh Look 5.3 Initial Assessment 3.1 Know Your Market 10.1 Table 12.2 Target Market 12.1 Market Needs 12.4 Market Research 10.1 Internet 9.3 Psychographics 10.3 Values and Lifestyles (VALS) 10.4 Market Segmentation 12.1 Market Trends 12.4 Materials (definition) G.4 Milestones Table 19.1 Mission Statement 3.1 Monthly Fixed Costs Break-even Analysis 3.4 N Net cash flow (definition) G.4 Net Present Value (NPV) 22.8 Net profit (definition) G.4 Net Profit Margin Ratios 17.4 Net Working Capital Ratios 17.5 Net worth (definition) G.4 O Objectives Initial Assessment 3.5 Ongoing Businesses, Plan 5.1 Organizational Structure 8.2 Other short-term assets (definition) G.4 Other short-term liabilities (definition) G.4 ON BUSINESS PLANNING P Paid-in capital (definition) G.5 Payment days (definition) G.5 Payroll burden Personnel 8.4 Payroll burden (definition) G.5 Personnel Detailed 8.4 Home Office 8.3 Standard (simple) 8.3 Personnel burden (definition) G.5 Plant and equipment (definition) G.5 Plan for...
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