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3 strategic alliances at this writing strategic

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Unformatted text preview: and industry, etc., and in some cases social associations such as country clubs. The medium-level houses are generally area specific or function specific, and are not easily able to leverage their business through distribution. 4.3.3 Competition and Buying Patterns The key element in purchase decisions made at the Acme client level is trust in the professional reputation and reliability of the consulting firm. 4.3.4 Main Competitors 1. The high-level prestige management consulting: Strengths: International locations managed by owner-partners with a high level of presentation and understanding of general business. Enviable reputations which make purchase of consulting an easy decision for a manager, despite the very high prices. Weaknesses: General business knowledge doesn’t substitute for the specific market, channel, and distribution expertise of Acme, focusing on high-technology markets and products only. Also, fees are extremely expensive, and work is generally done by very junior-level consultants, even though sold by high-level partners. Page 8 SAMPLE PLAN: ACME CONSULTING 2. SP1.11 The international market research company: Strengths: International offices, specific market knowledge, permanent staff developing market research information on permanent basis, good relationships with potential client companies. Weaknesses: Market numbers are not marketing, not channel development nor market development. Although these companies compete for some of the business Acme is after, they cannot really offer the same level of business understanding at a high level. 3. Market specific or function specific experts: Strengths: Expertise in market or functional areas. Acme should not try to compete with Nomura or Select in their markets with market research, or with ChannelCorp in channel management. Weaknesses: The inability to spread beyond a specific focus, or to rise above a specific focus, to provide actual management expertise, experience, and wisdom beyond the specifics. 4. The most significan...
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