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Unformatted text preview: ble 3.4 Break-even point (definition) G.1 Burden rate (definition) G.2 Business Numbers 14.1 Assets 14.2 Capital (also called equity) 14.2 Cost of Sales (also COGS) 14.2 Expenses (operating expenses) 14.2 Liabilities 14.2 Link between 14.11 Profits (also Income) 14.2 Sales 14.2 Business Plan Internet 9.3 Standard 2.1 Websites 22.7 Business Publications 9.8 Business Ratios 17.3 see Ratios 17.3 Business Type 9.1 C Capital assets (definition) G.2 Capital expenditure (definition) G.2 Capital input (definition) G.2 Cash (definition) G.2 Cash Balance Calculate 16.7 HURDLE: THE BOOK I.2 Example 14.5 Cash Flow 16.1 Direct Method 16.1 Example 14.5 Indirect Method 16.8 Interest Payments 16.12 Repayment of Loans 16.12 Table 16.1 Cash Planning, example 16.2 Cash vs. Profits 14.2 Census Bureau, U.S. 9.10 COGS 15.2 Collection Days Example 14.9 Ratios 17.5 Collection days (definition) G.2 Collection period (days), definition G.2 Commercial Lenders Banks 22.3 Commissions (definition) G.2 Commissions percent (definition) G.2 Common Ratios 17.6 Competition 9.2 Competitive Comparison 7.2 Competitive Edge 6.2 Consultants 9.11 Costs of Sales (COGS) 15.2 Cost of sales (definition) G.2 Credits and Debits 14.3 Current assets (definition) G.2 Current Debt/Total Assets Ratios 17.6 Current debt (definition) G.2 Current liabilities (definition) G.2 Current Ratio, Liquidity 17.5 D Debits and Credits 14.3 Debt/Assets, Ratios 17.6 Debt and equity (definition) G.2 Debt Ratios 17.5 Debt to Net Worth, Ratios 17.5 ON BUSINESS PLANNING Depreciation (definition) G.2 Directory (definition) G.2 Direct Costs 15.2 Distribution Patterns 9.2 Dividends (definition) G.2 Dividend Payout, Ratios 17.6 E Earnings, Retained 16.11 Earnings (definition) G.3 EBIT (definition) G.3 Equity (definition) G.3 Executive Summary 19.2 Existing Businesses, Plan 5.1 Expenses 13.1, 15.2 Start-up 6.5 vs. Assets 14.3 Expense (definition) G.3 F Final Edit, Print 21.1 Finance Realities 22.1 Small Business Administration (SBA) 22.4 Financial Analysis A...
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