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Unformatted text preview: rket analysis. These days, however, the problem is much more about sorting through all the information than it is gathering information. The Internet has completely changed research, especially practical business research. This is far too large a topic to cover here, but it is still vital to modern business. By the time you’re looking at developing a business plan, I think you should know how to use the Internet to gather information. At the very least, know how to search at Google and how to find Yahoo! and sort through its catalog of business information. As an example, the illustrations on the next page show the main pages of Google and Yahoo!. Of course, they will have changed by the time you read this. HURDLE: THE BOOK 9.4 ON BUSINESS PLANNING Google and Yahoo! SEARCHING WITH GOOGLE The Google site, www.google.com, is probably the best-known Internet search site. SEARCHING YAHOO! The Yahoo! site, www.yahoo.com, is probably the best-known Internet catalog. It sorts and catalogs the World Wide Web according to logical categories, and also includes a powerful search engine. New search engines and new searching techniques appear all the time, so even if it seems hard to keep up, please try to stay current. CHAPTER 9: THE BUSINESS YOU’RE IN 9.5 Business Plan Sites Palo Alto Software maintains two Internet websites that offer free downloadable sample plans, tips, outlines, and discussions of topics related to developing a business plan. WWW.BPLANS.COM Bplans.com also includes many suggested links to other sources of small business information, including the Small Business Administration (SBA), Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs), and many other valuable sites. It is stocked with the latest available information, and references to information that might be available elsewhere. 9.6 HURDLE: THE BOOK ON BUSINESS PLANNING WWW.PALOALTO.COM The Palo Alto Software website provides valuable product information to our customers, an online store, business planning resources,...
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