As a specic example since we mentioned a hypothetical

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Unformatted text preview: ins its website at where it sells additional data reports including standard industry profiles, in-depth industry profiles, valuation reports, and others. The Risk Management Association (formerly the Robert Morris Associates) is a membership organization sponsored by banks which publishes an annual listing of standard financial ratios, developed by polling member banks, for actual business results of thousands of different companies in the small business arena. Two of RMA’s publications, called Annual Statement Studies and Financial Ratios Benchmarks, are other very valuable sources of information. Like Integra’s data, it lists standard financial profiles according to SIC and NAICS codes. This information is available in print, on CD-ROM, or online and at this writing sells for less than $129 to members or $400 to nonmembers. Separate industry profiles are also available online. You can find out more by calling (215) 446-4000, or visiting their website at Trade Associations Many industries are blessed with an active trade association that serves as a vital source of industryspecific information. Such associations regularly publish member directories and the better ones publish statistical information that track industry sales, profits, economic trends, etc. If you don’t know which trade associations apply to your industry, find out. Search the Internet with Yahoo!, Google, and other search engines. Look for the website of the trade association for your industry. Ask at the reference section of your library for listings of industry associations. Ask someone else in the same industry. Consult an industry-specific magazine. Look in the Readers’ Guide to Periodicals Index or the Business Periodicals Index (in the following section, Business Publications) or Ayer’s Directory, which lists periodicals. As a specific example, since we mentioned a hypothetical shoe store, the National Shoe Retailers Association publishes a biennial Business Perfor...
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