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As people gather in the main room around the pizza

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Unformatted text preview: l as attachments or appendices to your plan. Examples would be copies of advertisements, brochures, direct mail pieces, catalogs, and technical specifications. When a plan is presented to someone outside the company, sales literature is a practical way to both explain your services and present the look and feel of the company. If it is relevant for your business, you should also use this topic to discuss your present situation regarding company literature and your future plans. Is your sales literature a good match to your services and the image your company wants to present? How is it designed and produced? Could you improve it significantly, or cut the cost, or add additional benefits? Summary Depending on the purpose of your plan, you should provide good, practical information on the products or services you sell. Give your plan readers what they will need to evaluate the plan. Make sure they understand the need you serve, how well you satisfy that need, and why your customers buy from you instead of somebody else. Ideally, the descriptions in this chapter make your sales forecast seem realistic and even conservative. CHAPTER 8: MANAGEMENT TEAM A management team and bringing people together is a lot more than just résumés and venture capital. It’s what makes a company work, or not work. For example: It’s a sunny March Friday in Western Oregon, which is rare; so rare, in fact, that the boss decides to order pizza for lunch for the entire staff. The controller is a former history major, Phi Beta Kappa into grad school, who discovered midway through her 30s that she really liked making numbers work. As people gather in the main room around the pizza, she announces that all should enjoy her hair that day “because I am having a rare good hair day.” Everybody laughs. The head of tech support turns the attention to the “krinkly hair” of the marketing manager. Everybody laughs again. There are jokes about the pizza and the root beer. The product manager demonstrates ballroom dancing steps in preparation for his upcoming wedding, and somebody thinks to...
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