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Unformatted text preview: agement Don’t forget the process of publishing within your own company. In this case, publishing means distributing the plan where all the managers can see it. People who make commitments as part of the plan need to see those commitments on record. They need to know that the plan will be tracked and that the difference between planned and actual results will be calculated and discussed. Final Edit Always run a business plan through a final edit. Have you run your spell check software? Have you read it over again? Do you have some friends who can read it for you? Sometimes you don’t see the errors that others would see because you are too close to it. Check the numbers in your charts and tables. Make sure they match each other, and go back and check the references to numbers in the text. People often change numbers after writing objectives, which results in conflicting information. For example, your objectives text might set sales objectives of $500,000, but your plan tables show sales projections of $400,000. Presentation Presentation is always important because it helps to communicate content. Good charts are dynamite when they make numbers easier to read quickly, and they can be essential when numbers are complex. Good text formatting should make the text easy to read. Use a legible font and a good mix of section headings and subheadings to make the organization visible. Bullet points are generally easier to read than long paragraphs. Color is good for charts, when it makes numbers easier to understand, but gets in the way when used for text. 21.2 HURDLE: THE BOOK ON BUSINESS PLANNING Fancy paper, expensive bindings, and excessive presentation are not really needed. Make the paper whatever quality it takes to make the plan easy to read, avoiding some of the more fibrous papers that end up interfering with the printed content. Make the binding a good coil, or some other binding that will hold up to use, but keep it practical so you impress with content, not expense. Related Documents In the process of finding investment financing for a new business or a small busine...
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