By including this information in this book i dont

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Unformatted text preview: ame and you can prove that you had it first, so they are trading on your name. There are lots of McDonald’s restaurants around, and McDonald’s can’t stop them from using that name if they had it early enough, and especially if they aren’t pretending to be a fast-foods hamburger joint. The intent and the attempt to confuse is very important. Choosing a Business Name The choice of a business name is very important, worth taking time to develop. Don’t end up with a name that you can’t live with. Look for something that describes your business, is easy to explain, fits on the signs, and works. Find an Attorney I’m not an attorney, and I don’t give legal advice. I do strongly recommend working with an attorney to go through the details of your company’s legal establishment, licenses, and other items covered here. By including this information in this book, I don’t mean to imply you should do it yourself. The trade-offs involved in incorporation vs. partnership vs. other forms of business are significant. Small problems developed at the early stages of a new business can become horrendous problems later on. What’s true in one state isn’t true in the next one. The cost of simple legal advice in this regard is almost always worth it. Starting a company should not involve a major legal bill except in special cases. Don’t skimp on legal costs. Licenses and Permits are Usually Local Issues It’s hard to generalize on licenses and permits, because some of these depend on where you are and some depend on what you do. When in doubt, you should check with local sources. If you don’t want to go straight to the local government and ask your questions directly, then ask at your local Chamber of Commerce,, or Small Business Development Center (SBDC), For example, many cities have zoning laws that define where you can put retail stores, office space, and industries. Few of these affect the small home-based business...
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