Chapter 11 forecast your sales forecasting is more

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Unformatted text preview: ly Stanford Research Institute) provides another example. Its VALS service (values and lifestyles) offers information on U.S. customers classified according to the value sets shown in the SRI illustration above. Customers and potential customers are divided into groups, including fulfilleds, achievers, experiencers, and others. More information about that is available from SRI from their website at SRIC-BI’S VALS PSYCHOGRAPHICS The diagram illustrates SRI’s VALS, values and lifestyles psychographics research that divides the U.S. market into various types of potential customers. CHAPTER 10: KNOW YOUR MARKET 10.5 Back to the Web And of course for market research, as with business industry research in the previous chapter, you go very quickly back to the Web. Here, too, it’s impossible to keep up, but we can give you some starting points: is a commercial site aggregating published market research. Hill Research Library, an excellent nonprofit library resource, offers market research at accessible rates. This is the U.S. government hub site for market research. ClickZ Network offers up-to-date statistics on Web usage. The U.S. government statistical site. is a marketing information site. American Marketing Association (AMA) main market information site. Hoovers is a database of American companies. Offers a wealth of additional links for additional information sites. The Bureau of Economic Analysis is part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, offering business statistics. Summary Projecting market growth is particularly important when your plan is related to finding investors or supporting a loan application, because market growth enhances the implied value of your business. Cite growth rates in terms that fit the available information, whether growth in the number of potenti...
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