His business planning software has been published by

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Unformatted text preview: n Books. His business-planning software has been published by Palo Alto Software and M & T Publishing. He has been a professional business planner since 1974, as an employee of Business International and vice president of Creative Strategies, as a consultant to Apple Computer, as a member of the founding board of directors of Borland International, and as president and founder of Palo Alto Software. He has given seminars on business planning in 13 countries on four continents, in two languages. Berry holds a Stanford University MBA degree, an MA with honors from the University of Oregon, and a BA magna cum laude from the University of Notre Dame. Acknowledgements I want to thank Paul Berry for not just cover design, but for inspiration as well. I was recently introduced to the phrase "Entrepreneur in Heat." If you have to ask what that means, then you've never been involved with somebody starting a business. The shortcut is simply "EIH." Paul has been EIH a lot lately. Teri Epperly and Steve Lange have done a wonderful job with this book, designing the layout, managing the graphics, and patiently waiting on me through the ups and downs of my developing software, writing this and one other book, and managing a company all at the same time. To Vie Radek, Cristin, Megan, and most of all Vange, thanks for putting up with me while this was coming together. Sample Business Plans This book includes two complete sample business plans. One sample is a computer store that is actually a composite of several computer reseller businesses the author consulted with during the early 1990s. The other was a consulting company that was accepted for financing by a major venture capital firm, although it was never actually formed. Both were originally published as part of Business Plan Pro® published by Palo Alto Software, Inc. Hurdle Book Online The electronic version of this book is available at Tim Berry’s personal website www.timberry.com. An errata page of corre...
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