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How many years i believe a business plan should

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Unformatted text preview: pter 5.0, Strategy and Implementation. You can change that to fit whichever logic and structure you use. In practical terms, you’ll probably prepare these text topics as separate items, to be gathered into the plan as it is finished. Sales Strategy Somewhere near the sales forecast you should describe your sales strategy. Sales strategies deal with how and when to close sales prospects, how to compensate sales people, how to optimize order processing and database management, and how to maneuver price, delivery, and conditions. • How do you sell? • Do you sell through retail, wholesale, discount, mail order, phone order? • Do you maintain a sales force? • How are sales people trained, and how are they compensated? CHAPTER 11: FORECAST YOUR SALES 11.5 Don’t confuse sales strategy with your marketing strategy, which goes elsewhere. Sales should close the deals that marketing opens. To help differentiate between marketing strategy and sales strategy, think of marketing as the broader effort of generating sales leads on a large scale, and sales as the efforts to bring those sales leads into the system as individual sales transactions. Marketing might affect image and awareness and propensity to buy, while sales involves getting the order. Sales Programs Details are critical to implementation. Use this topic to list the specific information related to sales programs in your milestones table, with the specific persons responsible, deadlines, and budgets. How is this strategy to be implemented and measured? Do you have concrete and specific plans? Business plans are about results, and generating results depends in part on how specific you are in the plan. For anything related to sales that is supposed to happen, include it here and list the person responsible, dates required, and budgets. All of that will make your business plan more real. Forecast Details Your business plan text should summarize and highlight the numbers you have entered in the Sales Forecast table. Make sure you discuss...
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