How is this strategy to be implemented do you have

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Unformatted text preview: ate the business proposition; and 2. fulfill your promise. For example, if a computer store’s business proposition has to do with reliable service for small businesses, peace of mind, and long-term relationships, then it probably shouldn’t be taking out fullpage newspaper advertisements promising the lowest prices in town on brand-name hardware. It probably should communicate its proposition with sales literature that emphasizes how the computer store will become a strategic ally of its clients. It might also think twice about how it handles overdue bills from customers, who might really be holding out for more service or better support. Using the strategy pyramid, the framework helps you integrate your tactics and planned programs into a logical whole plan. This next illustration shows how the store might lay out its value-based marketing framework pyramid. SAMPLE VALUE-BASED MARKETING FRAMEWORK The computer store strategy is to emphasize service and support for its customers. CHAPTER 18: STRATEGY IS FOCUS 18.5 Define Sales Strategy Describe sales strategy as different from marketing strategy. To help differentiate between marketing strategy and sales strategy, think of marketing as the broader effort of generating sales leads on a large scale, and sales as the efforts to bring those sales leads into the system as individual sales transactions. Marketing might affect image and awareness and propensity to buy, while sales should close the deals and get the order that marketing opens. Sales tactics deal with how and when to close sales prospects, how to compensate sales people, how to optimize order processing and database management, how to maneuver price, delivery, and conditions. As with your marketing strategy, your sales strategy depends a great deal on which market segments you’ve chosen as target market groups. Obviously, you don’t sell major deals to large companies the same way you sell cereal boxes off grocery store shelves. Think about how you sell in your business. What is your strategy for optimizing your way of selling? Summary Is your strategy a reflection of your company’s strengths an...
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