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Unformatted text preview: ning statement, or some other important or fundamental element. Tactics are there to implement a strategy. For example, if a computer store’s strategy is to build longterm relationships with business customers, its tactics might include increasing networking offerings, training, and support. Programs are specific business activities which support the tactics. Each program has concrete dates and responsibilities, and probably a budget. In the computer store example, programs for the strategy might include upgrade mailings, seminars, installation services and network training. You don’t necessarily do a complete business strategy in a single pyramid. Each fundamental business strategy might be a different pyramid. One important benefit of the pyramid method is integration and alignment. If your strategy is to focus on one thing, you should be able to trace that strategy into its tactics and, most important, into your actual spending and activity priorities. Flip back and forth between your strategy pyramid and your specific programs, and ask yourself: do your programs match the emphasis you put on strategy? The discussion on Value-based Marketing on page 18.4 shows a completed strategy pyramid. Your Marketing Strategy Your marketing strategy normally involves target market focus, emphasis on certain services or media, or ways to position your company and your service uniquely. Your marketing strategy depends a great deal on which market segments you’ve chosen as target market groups. You covered this in detail in Chapter 10: Know Your Market and Chapter 12: Your Target Market. You may also have developed strategy using the pyramid or value proposition. Obviously, you want to make sure to preserve the same basic focus and themes. Aside from the target market strategy, your marketing strategy might also include the positioning statement, pricing, promotion, and whatever else you want to add. You might also want to look at media strategy, business development, or other factors. Strategy is creative, and hard to predict. Some of th...
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