The best of them are the government agencies weve

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Unformatted text preview: BA and also work with local colleges and some other funding agencies. Every state has at least one SBDC, and most states have several offices in several cities. Visit our website at for a list of several hundred local SBDC addresses. We’ve found the SBDCs to be an excellent resource for businesses, offering high quality, professional advice at very low prices. SBDCs also work closely with local colleges to participate in and provide courses in business topics, such as business planning, bookkeeping, employee management, sales, marketing, and other vital subjects. SBDCs also publish books, surveys, and studies, and in some cases even audio tapes, videotapes, and workshops. Palo Alto Software has worked with SBDCs in the past, to provide software and seminar courses related to business planning. U.S. Census Bureau The United States Census Bureau, part of the Department of Commerce, has a wealth of information available for business and educational purposes. I refer to it, specifically and with examples, in the market analysis portion of Chapter 10: Know Your Market. Most of the Census Bureau’s reports cover the entire United States and summarize data for the nation. However, the Bureau also publishes information on states, counties in states, and even cities within counties. Among the more valuable special reports are city and county reports that list the number of business establishments by type of establishment. These are special reports available directly from the Bureau and also from some libraries and electronic database services. Many of these reports are also available through online services. The Census Bureau has an electronic edition called CENDATA. It also has an Internet website at The U.S. Department of Commerce has a website at Business Assistance The Federal Government Agencies The information gathering process will take you through several sources of business assistance. The best of them are the government agencies we’ve...
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