The payroll assumptions in this model will also be

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Unformatted text preview: RDLE: THE BOOK ON BUSINESS PLANNING The simpler model totals all payroll only. It is perfectly appropriate for a lot of small businesses. You can use each of the lines in the table to describe specific individuals, or groups and departments. When you have the list complete, just add up the totals for personnel costs in your Profit and Loss, discussed in Chapter 15: The Bottom Line. Multiply that total times your burden rate — say 15 or 20 percent — to calculate your personnel burden. The burden goes into the profit and loss as a separate line. The next illustration shows the more detailed personnel plan that divides the rows into categories, such as sales and marketing, general and administrative, and so forth. The more detailed model shown here totals the planned payroll for each of the four departments, and then calculates total payroll. DETAILED PERSONNEL PLAN The more detailed personnel plan shown here divides personnel expenditures into classifications including production, sales and marketing, administration, and other. CHAPTER 8: MANAGEMENT TEAM 8.5 An alternative plan estimates total people per department, and the average salary per department. This can be a useful way to project growth of personnel in a high-growth mode requiring rapid addition of people. The next illustration shows an example of this personnel projection method. HEADCOUNT-BASED PERSONNEL PLAN This personnel plan shows personnel expenditures by people per department and spending per person. For any of these three personnel tables, you also want to calculate a payroll burden as a percentage of the total, and make sure to include the personnel burden amount among the operating expenses, usually as a separate line in Profit and Loss. The payroll assumptions in this model will also be used for the other financial projections. The Profit and Loss (also called income statement) will use personnel plan numbers. Summary Your personnel plan is actually just an educated guess. It is hard to make this kind of g...
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