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Unformatted text preview: nture capital investment, you probably know it already. You have management team members who have been through that already. You can convince yourself and a room full of intelligent people that your company can grow ten times over in three years. If you have to ask whether your new company is a possible venture capital opportunity, it probably isn’t. People in new growth industries, multimedia communications, biotechnology, or the far reaches of high-technology products generally know about venture capital and venture capital opportunities. A business plan for venture capital is a more sophisticated business plan. It should always include discussions of valuation, exit strategy, investment offering, dilution, and returns for investors. There are examples later in this chapter. If you are looking for names and addresses of venture capitalists, there’s no way around the dominance of the Internet search for detailed information. You should probably start with listings of venture capital firms using the search engines at Yahoo! and Google. There is also a very good listing of financing resources at in the Financing Your Business area, and additional resources at In addition, on the Internet, some of the better links for venture capital information include: • The U.S. National Venture Capital Association. This site has an easy-to-use listing of hundreds of VC firms, including Web links. • U.S. Western Association of Venture Capitalists. More than 100 of the better-known mainstream VCs. • Venture One, which collects industry data. • has some venture capital information. • British Venture Capitalist Association. • Canadian Venture Capitalist Association. • Yahoo! listing of venture capital firms. “Sort-of” Venture Capital: Angels and O...
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