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Unformatted text preview: E CONT ROL Co lle ge Fo o t b a ll’s Mo st Do m ina nt Pla y e r ? I t ’s ESPN 9. DE A L B OOK Ob a m a Sa y s La w Sc h o o l Sh o u ld Be Tw o , No t Th r e e , Y e a r s 1 0 . Like ly t o Su c c e e d Go to Complete Lis t » Show My Rec ommendations A d ve rti se o n NY T i m e m N ot ow ned by any com pany , G olden R ice is being dev eloped by a nonprofit group called the I nternational R ice R esearch I nstitute w ith the aim of prov iding a new source of v itam in A to people both in the Philippines, w here m ost households get m ost of their calories from rice, and ev entually in m any other places in a w orld w here rice is eaten ev ery day by half the population. Lack of the v ital nutrient causes blindness in a quarterm illion to a half-m illion children each y ear. I t affects m illions of people in Asia and Africa and so w eakens the im m une sy stem that som e tw o m illion die each y ear of diseases they w ould otherw ise surv iv e. r eview/g olden- r ice- lifesaver .html?pag ewante...
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