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Barry said i t has no know n allergens or toxins and

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Unformatted text preview: ther rice for poor farm ers, w ho w ill be free to sav e seeds and replant them , Dr. Barry said. I t has no know n allergens or toxins, and the new proteins produced by the rice hav e been show n to break dow n quickly in sim ulated gastric fluid, as required by World Health O rganization guidelines. A m ouse feeding study is under w ay in a laboratory in the U nited States. The potential that the G olden R ice w ould cross-pollinate w ith other v arieties, som etim es called “genetic contam ination,” has been studied and found to be lim ited, because rice is ty pically self-pollinated. And its production of beta carotene does not appear to prov ide a com petitiv e adv antage — or disadv antage — that could affect the surv iv al of w ild v arieties w ith w hich it m ight m ix. I f G olden R ice is a Trojan horse, it now has som e com pany . The Bill and Melinda G ates Foundation, w hich is supporting the final testing of G olden R ice, is also underw riting the dev elopm ent of crops tailored for sub-Saharan Africa, like cassav a that can resist the v iruses that routinely w ipe out a third of the harv...
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