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He cited biotechnology industry adv ertisem ents that

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Unformatted text preview: ed to “w in an argum ent rather than solv e a public-health problem .” He cited biotechnology industry adv ertisem ents that featured the v irtues of the rice, w hich at the tim e had to be ingested in large quantities to deliv er a m eaningful dose of v itam in A. But the rice has since been retooled: a bow l now prov ides 60 percent of the daily requirem ent of v itam in A for healthy children. And G erard Barry , the G olden R ice project leader at the I nternational R ice R esearch I nstitute — and, it m ust be said, a form er senior scientist and executiv e at Monsanto — suggests that attem pts to discredit G olden R ice discount the suffering it could allev iate if successful. He said, too, that critics w ho suggest encouraging poor fam ilies to sim ply eat fruits and v egetables that contain beta carotene disregard the expense and logistical difficulties that w ould thw art such efforts. I dentified in the infancy of genetic engineering as hav ing the potential for the biggest im pact for the w orld’s poor, beta-carotene-producing...
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