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I n a decade of w ork culm inating in 1 999 tw o

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Unformatted text preview: rice w as initially funded by the R ockefeller Foundation and the European U nion. I n a decade of w ork culm inating in 1 999, tw o academ ic scientists, I ngo Potry kus and Peter Bey er, finally sw itched on the production of beta carotene by adding daffodil and bacteria DN A to the rice’s genom e. They licensed their patent rights to the agribusiness com pany that later becam e Sy ngenta, on the condition that the technology and any im prov em ents to it w ould be m ade freely r eview/g olden- r ice- lifesaver .html?pag ewanted= all 2/4 8/26/13 Golden Rice - Lifesaver ? - av ailable to poor farm ers in the dev eloping w orld. With the com pany retaining the right to use it in dev eloped countries, potentially as an alternativ e to v itam in supplem ents, Sy ngenta scientists later im prov ed the am ount of beta carotene produced by substituting a gene from corn for the one from daffodil. I f the rice gains the Philippine gov ernm ent’s approv al, it w ill cost no m ore than o...
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