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Unformatted text preview: nd e e r Ga m e s Erik D e C as t ro/ R eut ers Mother s w ith mas ks made f r om baby bathtubs pr otes ted Golden Ric e in Quez on City , the Philippines , in June. Re a de rs’ Com m e nts Sh a r e y ou r t h ou g h t s. Pos t a Comment » Read A ll Comments ( 160) » “We do not w ant our people, especially our children, to be used in these experim ents,” a farm er w ho w as a leader of the protest told the Philippine new spaper R em ate. But G olden R ice, w hich appeared on the cov er of Tim e Magazine in 2000 before it w as quite ready for prim e tim e, is unlike any of the genetically engineered crops in w ide use today , designed to either w ithstand herbicides sold by Monsanto and other chem ical com panies or resist insect attacks, w ith benefits for farm ers but not directly for consum ers. And a loom ing decision by the Philippine gov ernm ent about w hether to allow G olden R ice to be grow n bey ond its four rem aining field trials has added a new dim ension to the debate ov er the technology ’s m erits. 8. RE M OT...
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