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Mo s i t is long past tim e for scientists to stand

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Unformatted text preview: s by those w ho oppose G .M.O .’s. “I t is long past tim e for scientists to stand up and shout, ‘N o m ore lies — no m ore fearm ongering,’ ” said N ina V. Fedoroff, a professor at the King Abdullah U niv ersity of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia and a form er science adv iser to the Am erican secretary of state, w ho helped spearhead the petition. “We’re talking about sav ing m illions of liv es here.” Precisely because of its seem ingly high-m inded purpose, G olden R ice has draw n suspicion from biotechnology skeptics bey ond the dem onstrators w ho forced their w ay into the field trial. Many countries ban the cultiv ation of all genetically m odified crops, and after the rice’s m edia debut early in the last decade, Vandana Shiv a, an I ndian env ironm entalist, called it a “Trojan horse” w hose purpose w as to gain public support for all m anner of genetically m odified crops that w ould benefit m ultinational corporations at the expense of poor farm ers and consum ers. I n a 2001 article, “The G reat Y ellow Hy pe,” the author Michael Pollan, a critic of industrial agriculture, suggested that it m ight hav e been dev elop...
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