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O ther groups are dev eloping a pestresistant black

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Unformatted text preview: est, bananas that contain higher lev els of iron and corn that uses nitrogen m ore efficiently . O ther groups are dev eloping a pestresistant black-ey ed pea and a “G olden Banana” that w ould also deliv er v itam in A. Bey ond the fear of corporate control of agriculture, perhaps the m ost cited objection to G .M.O .’s is that they m ay hold risks that m ay not be understood. The decision to grow or eat them relies, like m any other decisions, on a cost-benefit analy sis. How food consum ers around the w orld w eigh that calculation w ill probably hav e farreaching consequences. Such crops, Scientific Am erican declared in an editorial last w eek, M ORE IN OP INION (2 OF 2 3 A RT ICL E S ) w ill m ake it to people’s plates “only w ith public support.” Editorial: For New Y ork May or Read Mor e » G reenpeace, for one, dism isses the benefits of v itam in supplem entation through G .M.O .’s and has said it w ill continue to oppose all uses of biotechnology in agriculture. As Danie...
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