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Re late d ba t t l e br ew i n g ov er la bel i n g

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Unformatted text preview: i n g Ov er La bel i n g of Gen et i c a l l y Modi fi ed Food ( Ma y 2 5, 2 01 2 ) A Ra c e t o Sa v e t h e Or a n g e by A l t er i n g It s DN A ( J u l y 2 8 , 2 01 3 ) Enlar ge This Image FA CE B OOK T WIT T E R Wh at’s Po p u lar No w I Ha v e a Ch a r a c t er Issu e GOOGL E + SAVE Had the plants surv iv ed long enough to flow er, they w ould hav e betray ed a E -M A IL distinctly y ellow tint in the otherw ise S HA RE w hite part of the grain. That is P RINT because the rice is endow ed w ith a RE P RINT S gene from corn and another from a bacterium , m aking it the only v ariety in existence to produce beta carotene, the source of v itam in A. I ts dev elopers call it “G olden R ice.” The concerns v oiced by the participants in the Aug. 8 act of v andalism — that G olden R ice could pose unforeseen risks to hum an health and the env ironm ent, that it w ould ultim ately profit big agrochem ical com panies — are a fam iliar refrain in the long-running controv ersy ov er the m erits of genetically engineered crops. They are driv ing...
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