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Theres so m uch m isinform ation floating around

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Unformatted text preview: so m uch m isinform ation floating around about G .M.O .’s that is taken as fact by people,” said Michael D. Purugganan, a professor of genom ics and biology and the dean for science at N ew Y ork U niv ersity , w ho sought to calm health-risk concerns in a prim er on G MA N ew s O nline, a m edia outlet in the Philippines: “The genes they inserted to m ake the v itam in are not som e w eird m anufactured m aterial,” he w rote, “but are also found in squash, carrots and m elons.” Mr. Purugganan, w ho studies plant ev olution, does not w ork on genetically engineered crops, and until recently had not participated in the public debates ov er the risks and benefits of G .M.O .’s. But hav ing been raised in a m iddle-class fam ily in Manila, he felt com pelled to w eigh in on G olden R ice. “A lot of the criticism of G .M.O .’s in the Western w orld suffers from a lack of understanding of how really dire the situation is in dev eloping countries,” he said. Som e proponents of G .M.O .’s say that m ore critical questions, like w here biotechnology should fall as a priority in the efforts to address the root causes of hunger and m alnutrition and how to prev ent a few com panies from controlling it, w ould be easier to address w ere they not lum ped together w ith unfounded fear...
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