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Unformatted text preview: d= all 1/4 8/26/13 Golden Rice - Lifesaver ? - The destruction of the field trial, and the reasons giv en for it, touched a nerv e am ong scientists around the w orld, spurring them to counter assertions of the technology ’s health and env ironm ental risks. O n a petition supporting G olden R ice circulated am ong scientists and signed by sev eral thousand, m any v ented a sim m ering frustration w ith activ ist organizations like G reenpeace, w hich they see as play ing on m isplaced fears of genetic engineering in both the dev eloping and the dev eloped w orlds. Som e took to other channels to conv ey to Am erican foodies and Filipino farm ers alike the broad scientific consensus that G .M.O .’s are not intrinsically m ore risky than other crops and can be reliably tested. At stake, they say , is not just the future of biofortified rice but also a rational m eans to ev aluate a technology w hose potential to im prov e nutrition in dev eloping countries, and dev eloped ones, m ay otherw ise go unrealized. “There’s...
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