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Could God Be Wrong

Could God Be Wrong - or to forgive someone for hurting us...

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Could God Be Wrong? Ok. As far as the Bible goes I believe that it is the inspired word of God. I do recognize that it was written by human hand, so logically they could have made mistakes, but God is not restricted by logic. It was written by human hands, but they were God's thoughts. When we hear scripture God whispers to our hearts that it is the truth, and we it, so we have no excuse not to believe, but some people choose not to believe any of it and some people pick and choose what they believe. We convince ourselves that it wasn't God speaking to us or that we didn't hear it at all, or that the voice was wrong. Wrong? If you're a believer that thinks that God has told you to believe something that's wrong then maybe you're not really a believer. You're also probably misinterpreting the scripture. It's the same when we don't obey God's convictions, like God puts it on our hearts to share his Word with others
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Unformatted text preview: or to forgive someone for hurting us. By disobeying we say that God is wrong and imperfect, which would mean that wasn't God. If you're an atheist then you may have misunderstood the meaning of the scriptures, believing them to mean something that actually is wrong. However, whether or not that's the case, you're almost contradicting your own beliefs by saying that it's wrong. Something has to be right. Not believing in God is like not believing in right or wrong. So 1+1 could be 9 if you wanted it to be. We tend to think of God as a giant old man on a throne far away, but God is not a man. He is a spirit. He is the essence of perfection; not earthly perfection, but true perfection: truth and love. God is always right, because he IS everything that is right. Anything and everything that is right; that's God....
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