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Unformatted text preview: –  Scale Internet structure Large corporation “Consumer” ISP Peering point Backbone service provider “Consumer” ISP Large corporation Small corporation “Consumer” ISP Peering point Inter and Intra- domain rou)ng •  Rou)ng organized in two levels •  Intra- domain rou)ng –  Complete knowledge, strive for op&mal paths –  Scale to ~100 networks •  Inter- domain rou)ng –  Aggregated knowledge, scale to Internet –  Dominated by policy Network as a graph A 1 3 4 C 6 1 B 9 E 2 F 1 D •  Nodes are routers •  Assign cost to each edge –  Can be based on latency, b/w, queue length, … •  Problem: find lowest- cost path between nodes –  Each node individually computes routes Basic Algorithms •  Two classes of intra- domain rou)ng algorithms •  Distance Vector –  Requires only local state –  Harder to debug –  Can suffer from loops •  Link State –  Each node has global view of the network –  Simpler to debug –  Requires global state Shortest Path Example E’s table C A 6 8 B’s table ID Cost A 4 D F D 12 Nextho p C 2 ID F...
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