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Unformatted text preview: E D 4 1 1 2 1 B F 13 Distance Vector •  Local rou)ng algorithm •  Each node maintains a set of triples –  <Des&na&on, Cost, NextHop> •  Exchange updates with neighbors –  Periodically (seconds to minutes) –  Whenever table changes (triggered update) •  Each update is a list of pairs –  <Des&na&on, Cost> •  Update local table if receive a “bePer” route –  Smaller cost •  Refresh exis)ng routes, delete if )me out Calcula)ng the best path •  Bellman- Ford equa)on •  Let: –  Da(b) denote the current best distance from a to b –  c(a,b) denote the cost of a link from a to b •  Then Dx(y) = minz(c(x,z) + Dz(y)) •  Rou)ng messages contain D •  D is any addi)ve metric –  e.g, number of hops, queue length, delay –  log...
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