Experience loss we are at most one window size above

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Unformatted text preview: y –  Sharing capacity between flows Slow Start From [Jacobson88] Slow start implementa)on •  Let w be the size of the window in bytes –  We have w/MSS segments per RTT •  We are doubling w aber each RTT –  We receive w/MSS ACKs each RTT –  So we can set w = w + MSS on every ack •  At some point we hit the network limit. –  Experience loss –  We are at most one window size above the limit –  Remember this: ssthresh and reduce window Slow Start •  We double cwnd every round trip •  We are s)ll sending min (cwnd,rcvwnd) pkts •  Con)nue un)l ssthresh es)mate or pkt drop hjp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slow- start pkt ack Sender Receiver Dealing with Conges)on •  Assume losses are due to conges)on •  Aber a loss, reduce conges)on window –  How much to...
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