Mulplicave increase easier to saturate the network

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Unformatted text preview: reduce? •  Idea: conserva)on of packets at equilibrium –  Want to keep roughly the same number of packets network –  Analogy with water in fixed- size pipe –  Put new packet into network when one exits How much to reduce window? •  What happens under conges)on? –  Exponen)al increase in conges)on •  Sources must decrease offered rate exponen)ally –  i.e, mul)plica)ve decrease in window size –  TCP chooses to cut window in half How to use extra capacity? •  Network signals conges)on, but says nothing of underu)liza)on –  Senders constantly try to send faster, see if it works –  So, increase window if no losses… By how much? •  Mul)plica)ve increase? –  Easier to saturate the network than to recover –  Too fast, will lead to satura)on, wild fluctua)ons •  Addi)ve increase? –  Won’t saturate the network Chiu Jain Phase Plots Flow Rate B Fair: A = B Goal: fa...
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