How much data to send flow control part of tcp

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Unformatted text preview: two segment lifetimes TIME_WAIT LAST_ACK ACK CLOSED Passive close: Can s)ll send! EWMA •  Es)mate RTT •  RTT(t) = α ✕ RTT(t- 1) + (1- α) ✕ newEst α = 0.8 Time RTT newEst 0 - 10 1 8.0 12 2 6.4+2.4=8.6 10 3 6.9+2=8.9 First Goal •  We should not send more data than the receiver can take: flow control •  Data is sent in MSS- sized segments –  Chosen to avoid fragmenta)on •  Sender can delay sends to get larger segments •  When to send data? •  How much data to send? Flow Control •  Part of TCP specifica)on (even before 1988) •  Goal: not send more data than the receiver can handle •  Sliding window protocol •  Receiver uses window header field to tell sender how much space it has Flow Control Sending application LastByteWritten LastByteAcked TCP LastByteSent Receiving application LastByteRead NextByteExpected TCP LastByteRcvd (a) (b) •  Re...
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