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Rcvwindow of packets retransmit packet immediately

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Unformatted text preview: s_algorithm Limita)ons of Flow Control •  Network may be the boqleneck •  Signal from receiver not enough! •  Sending too fast will cause queue overflows, heavy packet loss •  Flow control provides correctness •  Need more for performance: conges)on control A Short History of TCP •  •  •  •  •  1974: 3- way handshake 1978: IP and TCP split 1983: January 1st, ARPAnet switches to TCP/IP 1984: Nagle predicts conges)on collapses 1986: Internet begins to suffer conges)on collapses –  LBL to Berkeley drops from 32Kbps to 40bps •  1987/8: Van Jacobson fixes TCP, publishes seminal paper: (TCP Tahoe) •  1990: Fast transmit and fast recovery added (TCP Reno) Second goal •  We should not send more data than the network can take: conges>on control TCP Conges)on Control •  3 Key Challenges –  Determining the available capacity in the first place...
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