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Sides must send fin to close a connecon typical close

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Unformatted text preview: - way handshake Listen, Accept… Accept returns –  Two sides agree on respec)ve ini)al sequence nums •  If no one is listening on port: server sends RST •  If server is overloaded: ignore SYN •  If no SYN- ACK: retry, )meout Connec)on Termina)on •  FIN bit says no more data to send –  Caused by close or shutdown –  Both sides must send FIN to close a connec)on •  Typical close Close FIN_WAIT_1 FIN FIN_WAIT_2 … ACK CLOSE_WAIT FIN Close LAST_ACK ACK CLOSED 2MSL TIME_WAIT CLOSED CLOSED Unsynchronized Active open/SYN Passive open Close Close Synchronized LISTEN SYN_RCVD SYN/SYN + ACK Send/SYN SYN/SYN + ACK ACK Close/FIN SYN + ACK/ACK ESTABLISHED Close/FIN Ac)ve close: Can s)ll receive FIN/ACK FIN_WAIT_1 ACK FIN_WAIT_2 SYN_SENT Connec)on Establishment Summary of TCP States CLOSE_WAIT A FIN/ACK C K + FI N /A CLOSING C FIN/ACK Close/FIN K ACK Timeout after...
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