1 host localhost8000 user agent mozilla50 macinto

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Unformatted text preview: in ASCII –  Stateless –  Extensible (header fields) •  Server typically listens on port 80 •  Server sends response, may close connec)on (client may ask it to say open) •  Currently version 1.1 Steps in HTTP Request •  •  •  •  Open TCP connec)on to server Send request Receive response TCP connec)on terminates –  How many RTTs for a single request? •  You may also need to do a DNS lookup first! Telnet demo Header inspec)on HTTP Request Format HTTP Request request method URL version header field name value header field name value headers blank line body •  Method: • Request types: GET, POST, HEAD, PUT, DELET –  GET: current value of resource, run program –  • A URL given to associated with...
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