1 steps in http request open tcp connecon to server

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Unformatted text preview: e is for possible client iden)fica)on •  Hostname could be an IP address •  Port defaults to protocol default (e.g., 80) •  Directory is a path to the resource •  Resource is the name of the object •  ?parameters are passed to the server for execu)on •  #tag allows jumps to named tags within document Examples of URL •  hUp://www2.cs.uh.edu/~gnawali/courses/ cosc4377- s12/schedule.html •  hUp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Domain_name#Top- level_domains •  hUp://www.uh.edu/search/?q=computer +science&x=0&y=0 You will need to parse URLs like this for HW3 HTTP •  Important proper)es –  Client- server protocol –  Protocol (but not data)...
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