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Unformatted text preview: bility •  This is also bad… –  Some applica)ons need persistent state –  Need to uniquely iden)fy user to customize content –  E.g., shopping cart, web- mail, usage tracking, (most sites today!) HTTP Cookies •  Client- side state maintenance –  Client stores small state on behalf of server –  Sends request in future requests to the server –  Cookie value is meaningful to the server (e.g., session id) •  Can provide authen)ca)on •  hUp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_cookie Request Response Set- Cookie: XYZ Request Cookie: XYZ Where to find official HTTP specifica)on? www.w3.org Anatomy of a Web Page •  HTML content •  A number of addi)onal resources –  Images –  Scripts –  Frames •  Browser makes one HTTP request for each object –  Course web page: 4 objects –  My facebook page this morning: 100 objects What about AJAX? •  As...
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