checking crc is easy reduce message by cx make sure

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Unformatted text preview: sum) –  Flip bits to get checksum (one’s complement) •  Transmit: Data + Checksum •  To check: sum whole packet, including sum, should get 0xffff hnp:// How good is it? •  16 bits not very long –  Probability 1- bit error not detected? •  Checksum does catch any 1- bit error •  But not any 2- bit error –  E.g., increment word ending in 0, decrement one ending in 1 CRC – Error Detec)on with Polynomials •  Consider message to be a polynomial in Z2[x] –  Each bit is one coefficient –  E.g., message 10101001 - > m(x) = x7 + x5+ x3 + 1 •  Can reduce one polynomial modulo another –  Let...
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