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Kill plus locking primives non blocking io fcntl

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Unformatted text preview: dress transla)on –  Can specify port as a service name or number –  May return mul)ple addresses –  You must free the structure with freeaddrinfo •  Other useful func)ons to know about –  getnameinfo – Lookup hostname based on address –  inet_ntop – Convert IPv4 or 6 address to printable –  Inet_pton – Convert string to IPv4 or 6 address EOF in more detail •  What happens at end of store? –  Server receives EOF, renames file, responds OK –  Client reads OK, a6er sending EOF: didn’t close fd •  int shutdown(int fd, int how);! –  Shuts down a socket w/o closing file descriptor –  how: 0 = read, 1 = write, 2 = both –  Note: applies to socket, not descriptor, so copies of descriptor (through fork or dup affected) –  Note 2: with TCP, can’t detect if other side shuts for reading Using UDP •  Call socket with SOCK_DGRAM, bi...
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