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Myths, Media, and Ethnic Cleansing

Myths, Media, and Ethnic Cleansing - November 7 2007 FR SEM...

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November 7, 2007 FR SEM: Ethnic Cleansing Myths, Media, and Ethnic Cleansing The media seems, often, to be blamed for everything. In America, it is blamed for being too subjective, for portraying exclusive and biased partisan viewpoints. In extreme language, American media could be accused of perpetuating myths and fueling hatred. These two factors are major points in the realization of ethnic cleansing—and as America is by no means free of ethnic tension, a vigilant citizen could point to our media as cause for concern. However, there do exist distinct and important differences between our sensationalist, free- speech, democracy-injecting media and that present in the Yugoslavian republics and even Rwanda. Probably the most glaring distinction is the multiplicity of perspectives in American journalism. In Yugoslavia, inflation made it impossible for families to purchase newspapers, and independent news sources were eclipsed (Milosevic 113). Thus, their only way to learn about issues important to their
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