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ovate to achieve the highest total price and lowest liabilities in the long run? completed when contractor gives appraisals. * Contractor General Fee (800000) 0 ol Square Ft * Contractor Base Pool Fee (200000) ool Costs + Exterior Costs) * Number of Days Projected to Complete Project Pool Costs) / Loyalty Rewards Program Fee (5000$) ost / Hotel Balancing Amount (3,000,000$)) * 100 Output Contractor Report Memo To: HA 174 Faculty From: Date: 03:13:52 Re: Hotel Renovation Purpose of Model The purpose of this model is to give a a general contractor an idea of how much he should charge each hotel when asked for an appraisal. The pricing of such remodeling is very vague, and contractors lose valuable time trying to figure out how much to charge each individual hotel. This model gives the contractor the ability to visit the hotel once, fill out the specifications, then deliver a response to the hotels’ query rapidly, most likely beating the other contractors bidding for the job. Need for Model
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