Ex spread of aids from california to new york

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Unformatted text preview: disease = spread across space & affects areas Ex: Technology: apples new iPhone Two main forms of diffusion: - Relocation: The spread of idea by physical movement of people from one place to another. Ex: Spread of Aids from California to New York. - Expansion Key Concepts in Human Geography II – Sept. 16, 2013 Human Geographies: Society & Culture Concepts: Diffusion • Relocation Diffusion: the spread of ideas, cultural characteristics: etc. from one area to another via the physical movement of people. – • e.g. immigrants = bring language, religion, culture Consider Hamilton: – Surnames of residents in downtown Hamilton neighbourhoods: • British, e.g. Jones, Smith, etc. • Italian, e.g. Mancini, De Luca, etc. • Portuguese, e.g. Silva, Santos, etc. • Vietnamese. e.g. Nguyen, Pham, etc. • - Not only do the people change, but the landscape changes Key Concepts in Human Geography II – Sept. 16, 2...
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