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Physics and the Universe: Friday January 11, 2008 Chapter 1 The Scale of the Cosmos Astronomy deals with objects over a vast range of size and time scales Most of these size and time scales are way beyond our every-day experience Distance from the sun to Earth – 150,000,000km AU- Astronomical Unit (distance from Sun to Earth) 150km Solar System- Approx. 10,000AU The Solar Neighborhood- Approx. 17 light years 1 Light Year- Distance traveled by light in 1 year 63,000AU= 10^13 km Nearest star to the sun: Proxima Centaur; distance of 4.2 light years
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Unformatted text preview: The extended solar neighborhood- 1,700 light years The Milky Way Galaxy • Milky Way (~100 billion stars) is ~75,000 light years diameter The Local Group of galaxies: several million light years Clusters of Galaxies are grouped into superclusters Superclusters from filaments and walls around voids Observable Universe- ~14billion years old contains more than 100 billion galaxies each contain ~100 billion stars...
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