B between the sheets c bottom of the sheets d none of

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Unformatted text preview: tween the sheets. c) Bottom of the sheets. d) None of the above. 10) Find the correct sentence from: a) Direct extrusion requires higher pressure than indirect extrusion. b) Direct extrusion requires higher ram force than indirect extrusion. c) Direct extrusion requires higher power than indirect extrusion. d) All of the above. B. Problem B1) A stainless steel part is blanked from a larger sheet (0.5 m wide, 1.0 m long, 0.004 m thick). Determine the tonnage requirement for the blanking operation if the material shear strength is 600 MPa. Details of blanked part. Unit = mm. B2) Solve example 2, page 174 of lecture note B3). A cold...
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