B modulus of elasticity c tensile strength d yield

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Unformatted text preview: Modulus of elasticity. c) Tensile strength. d) Yield strength. 4) A square hollow tube can be produced by: a) Forward extrusion. b) Backward extrusion. c) Both of the above. d) None of the above. 5) Find the correct sentence from: a) Yield strength is normally larger than tensile strength. b) Shear strength is normally larger than yield strength. c) Tensile strength is normally larger than shear strength. d) None of the above. 6) Find the incorrect sentence among: a) Shear force is parallel with shear strain. b) Shear area is parallel with shear force. c) Fracture area is perpendicular to normal force. d) Normal stress is larger than shear stress. 7)...
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