01_Introduction and Research Methods

Determined by size of r an examination of the

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Unformatted text preview: us vs. unconscious 11.  Role of emotion in cognition 12.  Embodiment of cognition 7.    Experiments   Psychobiological studies   Self report   Case studies   Naturalistic Observation   Computer Simulations 9   Random sample of participants   Manipulate the Independent Variable   Create experimental group   Create control group   Randomly assign participants   Measure the Dependent Variable   Same for all groups   Control all other variables   Prevent confounds   Manipulate stimulus materials   Compare words to non ­words   Compare color diagrams to black and white   Compare Yes questions to No questions   Control how participants process materials   Use imagery to study versus repetition   Vary speed of presentation of materials   Reaction Time (milliseconds)   Mental events take time   Accuracy/Error analysis   How well the participant...
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