He was able the doctor went to the park listen to two

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Unformatted text preview: and Wolf (1990)   All searches have 2 phases   Parallel phase   Serial stage 11 9/27/11   Cocktail Party Problem   How are we able to follow one conversation in the presence of other conversations?   How much processing does non ­attended information get?   Bottleneck Theories   Early filter theories   Late filter theories   Capacity Theories Attended Ear Unattended Ear The doctor went to the park to find the homeless man. He was The lawyer defended his client as the trial began. He was able …..The doctor went to the park….. Listen to two different conversations and repeat one of the messages, may be binaural or dichotic 12 9/27/11   Noticed in unattended ear:   Change in gender   Change to a tone   Did not notice in unattended ear:   Changed language   Changed topic, same speaker   If speech was played backwards   Do they have a filter?   Where does the filter occur? Sensory Stores Sensory Filter •  Only one sensory channel is allowed to proceed •  Stimuli filtered at sensory level Working Memory Long Term Memory 13 9/27/11   Participant’s name gets through   Participants can shadow meaningful messages that switches from one ear to another   Effects of practice on detecting information in unattended ear   e.g., detect digit in unattended ear for naïve and practiced participants A...
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