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Ironic process of mental control thought intrusion

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Unformatted text preview: ttenuation of Unattended Working Memory Sensory Stores Filter weakens the strength of unattended information. Long Term Memory Some flexibility “Turn down the volume” of competing stimuli, but they’re still accessible Sensory Stores All stimuli is processed to the level of meaning -relevance determines further processing and action Deutsch & Deutsch (1963) Working Memory Long Term Memory 14 9/27/11   Preattentive Processes   Parallel   Note physical characteristics   Attentive Processes   Controlled processes occur serially   Occur in working memory   Inhibition of return   after we’ve attended to an area, slower to re ­ attend   “been there, done that…”   Ironic process of mental control  ­ thought intrusion   Don’t think of monkeys!   Vigilance wanes  ­ problems maintaining attention for extended time   Only so much attention available   Literally are ‘paying’ attention  ­ doesn’t leave as much available resources   Modality specific issues   Prioritize current attention based on needs of current task   Cognitive load paradigms 15 9/27/11   How many tasks can you do at once?   e.g. driving & talking, radio, phone...   Task 1 may require a verbal response to an auditory stimulus   Task 2 may require a participant to push a button in response to a visual stimulu...
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