Target is defined by two features shape and color

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Unformatted text preview: it.   Conjunctive searching requires attention to integration or combination of features.   Attention to particular combination of features must be done sequentially to detect presence of a certain combination. Is there a red T in the Display? Target is defined by a single feature According to feature integration theory the Target should “pop out” No attention required Is there a red T in the Display? Target is defined by two Features: shape and color According to FIT, the features must be combined and so attention is required Need to examine one by one T TT T T TT T T TT TT T TT T XXT TX T TX TX XX T TT 8 9/27/11   Disagrees with Treisman’s FIT theory   Similarity between targets and distracters is important; not number of features to be combined   The more shared features among items in display, the more difficult to detect a particular target   Some findings cannot be explained by FIT 9 9/27/11 10 9/27/11   Cave...
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